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 The ESCMID Study Group on Nosocomial Infection (ESGNI) is a subgroup of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) and will abide by its Rules and By-laws.
 The registered office of the Study Group is located in the city of the active President.

 1.- To study aspects of nosocomial infection which are particularly relevant for the sake and purposes of the ESCMID and the European Population which will include:
 Patient care protocols
 Cost-effective practice
 Clinical Process
 Clinical outcome
 Audit of infection

 2.- To extend and share expertise and knowledge with members of ESCMID and to developed continuous education in the field of Nosocomial infections.

 3.- To establish essential links and networks with countries where such programmes are being developed.
 4.- To promote good clinical practice.

 5.- To carry out ESGNI cooperative studies which will posteriorly be published and represent the ESGNI members position (not necessarily the ESCMID position). The official language of publications will be English but authorised translation and publications in other languages could be permitted.


 The Study Group shall have Full, Corporate and Associate Members.
 A Full Member of ESGNI must be a member of ESCMID
 A Corporate Member shall be a private, research group or institution and must designate one representative
 Associate members are individual members not belonging to the ESCMID.
 Applications for membership must be made in writing to the secretary of the Study Group or directly to the ESCMID secretary
 All members shall pay membership dues. For 1997 fees will be as follows:
 Full members: 10 DM
 Corporate members: To be agreed upon
 Associate members: 20 DM
 Resignation from the Study Group must be made in writing and shall be effective as of 31 December of the said year.

Members will be admitted following approval of application by the Executive Committee.
 Only Full Members will have the right of vote for electing the Executive Committee. Motion free


 The Study Group shall consist of:
 1.- The Executive Committee
 2.- The Membership Assembly

 The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary and three additional members.
 All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by simple majority from among the members of the Study Group by a secret ballot.
 The selection of the candidates to be considered for election to the Executive Committee shall be made by the former Executive Committee taking into account the country of origin, scientific interest and other considerations.
 The Executive Committee shall elect the following: President, president-elect, a Secretary and a Secretary-Elect. The members will be elected for a term of four years and will be partially renewed every two. Members of the Executive Committee may be re-elected.
 The President and/or Secretary shall represent the Study Group in legal matters and shall have executive powers to act for or on behalf of the Executive Committee. The President has the Casting vote.
 The President and/or the Secretary shall establish, endow and manage provident or benevolent funds in order to further the purposes of the Study Group.
 All members of the Executive Committee will be responsible for Organising Scientific activities, promote the aims of the Group and searching for funds and grants.

 The Membership Assembly shall have legislative powers. All members of the Study Group in good standing shall be entitled to attend any Membership Assembly and to vote for legislative, scientific and organizative decisions. Only full members will vote to elect the Executive Committee.
 Members of the Study Group shall be notified of a Membership Assembly at least four weeks prior to the assembly. The Membership Assembly will be convene at least once a year and always during the European Congress of ESCMID.
 The President of the Study Group will report at the ESCMID general Assembly on the scientific activities of the Group. The activities of the Study Group should give raise to publication in scientific journals. In addition, the group will publish consensus reports or recommendations in the Journal of the Society, as needed.


 There will be always a meeting during the ESCMID general meeting. At the same time, the ESGNI will organise, at least, another annual meeting on a specific topic.
 The Minutes of the Meetings will be circulated to the ESGNI membership and for publication in ESCMID newsletter.


 Amendments to the statutes can be proposed during Membership Assembly and will be accepted by resolution of two thirds of the members present. The amendments shall also be ratify by the ESCMID Executive Committee.


 The official language of the Study Group is English.


 A resolution of two thirds of the members of the Study Group shall be necessary to dissolve the Study Group. In case of dissolution, the funds of the Study Group shall be transferred to the ESCMID.